Admissions & Appeals

Castle Wood Academy is a Primary Academy which opened in Gainsborough in September 2015. The Academy will serve children from ages 4 – 11 years. Currently the Academy is a 2 from entry, starting at  Reception (EYFS) through to Year 6.

Applications should be made through the Lincolnshire County Council website:

You can also apply by telephoning the Lincolnshire County Council Customer Service Centre on 01522 782030, or by requesting paper version of the admissions form by telephoning the same number.

If you do not currently live in Lincolnshire but would like your child to attend Castle Wood Academy, you should apply through your own Local Authority.

For further information and guidance, please contact the school office by email or by telephone 01427 811516.
Admissions Policies
For information about our Appeals Timetable, please read below.

Appeals Timetable

Tall Oaks Academy Trust is the Admission Authority for Castle Wood Academy, Mercer’s Wood Academy and White’s Wood Academy. Lincolnshire County Council will hear appeals for all academies.

Appeals will be heard in office hours during school term times.

When there are several appeals for the Academy we will always try to group them together.

In planning appeals we will try to avoid times when parents tell us they are unavailable, but this is not always possible where there are several appeals for the Academy.

Appeals received after the deadline will still be heard though may not be heard with those appeals received before the deadline.

It is important to submit your appeal as soon as possible so that it can be heard at the first available opportunity. It is also in your best interests to do this as decisions are made after each set of appeals and no account will be taken of any appeals not yet heard.

It is therefore possible that if your appeal is not heard until a later date, decisions will already have been made by the Appeal Panel which could have resulted in an increase in the number of pupils attending the Academy.

Appeals Process

If you would like to appeal you should tell us as soon as possible that you wish to do so.

Your appeal should be acknowledged within 5 working days. If you do not receive an acknowledgement please contact the Admission Authority for the school.

A date for your appeal will be received.

At least seven working days before the appeal you will receive the Admission Authority’s appeal statement explaining why your child has not been admitted.

At least three working days before the appeal you will receive the names of the Panel members and Clerk.

On the day of the appeal, please remember to bring everything relating to your appeal.

You will be notified in writing of the Appeal Panel’s decision.