Meet Fred the Frog

Meet Fred the Frog

This is Fred. He is a very special frog and he cannot wait to meet you. Fred can only say and read pure sounds so if he saw a cat he would say c-a-t.

Can you talk like Fred the Frog?
Here are some games that you can play at home so that when you start school you will be able to talk like Fred and play games with him.

When you are really good at talking like Fred you will be ready to become a brilliant reader and writer too!

Have fun!

Speaking like Fred helps children to understand that words are made up of sounds. Use Fred Talk throughout the day to help children practice blending sounds together.

Fred says…

Say: Fred says put your hands on your h-e-d. Ask children to repeat. Pause to allow children to jump in with the whole word and do the action.
Say: h-e-d, hed. Ask children to repeat.
Repeat with: b-a-k, t-u-m, l-e-g, h-a-n-d, f-u-t, n-ee, r-u-n, s-k-i-p, h-o-p, s-t-o-p

Fred I spy

Say: Fred says ‘I spy something r-e-d’ Ask children to repeat. Pause to allow children to ‘jump-in’ with the whole word and point to something red.
Say: r-e-d, red. Ask children to repeat.
Repeat with: b-l-oo, g-r-ee-n, b-l-a-k, b-r-ow-n

Fred’s fridge

Milk m-i-l-k, juice -j-oo-s; cream c-r-ee-m; eggs e-g-s; corn c-or-n; grape g-r-ay-p; pear p-air; peas p-ee-z; leek l-ee-k

Fred’s wardrobe

Scarf s-c-ar-f; hat h-a-t; coat c-ow-t; socks s-o-c-s; shorts sh-or-t-s; dress d-r-e-ss; skirt s-k-ir-t

Use Fred Talk for single syllabic words at the end of sentences throughout the day.

For example: It is time for l-u-n-ch...lunch, come and sit on the f-l-oor...floor.