English Writing inc. SPaG

In this section you will find the Trust’s Writing Curriculum for Reception through to Year 6. We have ensured that all genres of writing - narrative, non-fiction and poetry are covered and that they progress through the years increasing in difficulty.

The red highlighted words are the key vocabulary that we aspire for the majority of children to be able to use by the end of the year.

Teachers can plan to link the writing to their termly theme/topic or they can link to specific subjects such as the learning in Geography or Science. This provides cross curricular links that are both meaningful and purposeful. Alternatively they can teach the objectives through the use of quality texts supplemented by using films. A range of texts have been suggested for teachers to use. This allows for flexibility and creativity.

Talk for Writing

From September 2023, our school are embarking on an exciting two-year project, implementing ‘Talk for Writing’ in our School.

In the first year we will be focusing on our narrative and poetry curriculum, the way we teach writing and improving outcomes for children. For non-fiction genres of writing we will continue using our own curriculum. Then in Year 2, we will start to develop the non-fiction aspects.

Supporting us in this 2 year journey will be Talk for Writing Consultant Mr Jamie Grossmith.


What is Talk for Writing?

Listen to this YouTube clip of Pie Corbett explaining what his project is all about:

Progression Documents: