How to Order Lunches Online

The Lunchtime Experience

We see lunchtime as another exciting part of learning and development that encourages children to take an interest in food from an early age.
Varied menus ensure that children have a fantastic range of tasty options for their main meal, accompanied by fresh, vibrant vegetables and/or salad.
Main meal choices range from hearty roasts and cottage pies, to on trend recipes such as Taco’s and BBQ pulled pork rolls. Freshly baked Lincolnshire potatoes and tasty filled baguettes provide a lighter choice, with at least two main meal options suitable for vegetarians each day.
With the exception of jellies and ice creams, a delicious range of hot and cold, home-baked desserts are made from scratch, with fresh fruit or Yeo Valley Yoghurt alternatives always available.

Ideal School Meals meet needs of the increasing number of children who have particular dietary or allergy requirements and those with religious beliefs.  Providing a choice and substituting like for like wherever possible, to ensure children do not feel singled out at meal times. By allowing all children to experience different colours, tastes, smells and textures we aim to help children understand the importance of a varied diet and form a long lasting, positive relationship with food and healthy eating.

Our hot meals are provided by Ideal, an independent, external catering company specialising in primary school meals.

Ordering School Meals Online

All school meals must be ordered using the School Meals Online ordering service at

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All queries relating to ordering school meals should be directed to School Meals Online. Unfortunately we are unable to provide assistance in this matter.