Here you will find what we teach in Mathematics (our intent) and how we teach it (the implementation).
Our teaching and the children's learning and understanding of Maths starts right away, as soon as children join us in Reception. Here's the Trust's Statement:

Maths in Reception

In Reception, we lay the mathematical foundations needed for all children to succeed as they move into key stage 1 and beyond. We broadly follow the White Rose Maths schemes of learning which support young children’s development through play to achieve the Early Learning Goals.

By the end of Reception, to ensure children are ready to access the National Curriculum as they move into year 1, we lay a firm foundation of the Counting Principles:

  1. The one-one principle. This involves children assigning one number name to each object that is being counted. Children need to ensure that they count each object only once ensuring they have counted every object.
  2. The stable-order principle. Children understand when counting, the numbers have to be said in a certain order.
  3. The cardinal principle. Children understand that the number name assigned to the final object in a group is the total number of objects in that group.
  4. The abstraction principle. This involves children understanding that anything can be counted including things that cannot be touched including sounds and movements. E.g. Jumps.
  5. The order-irrelevance principle. This involves children understanding that the order we count a group of objects is irrelevant. There will still be the same number.
Our children receive a broad mathematical diet which includes exploration of shape, space and measure. This incorporates exploring pattern, visualising and describing shapes and spatial relationships and describing and comparing different forms of measurement.

We use a wide range of practical resources to support the children’s understanding of these core mathematical skills. These alongside quality books, rich learning environments that match the children’s interests and promote application of newly required skills through carefully set up provision, give our children a quantity rich, practical, immersive early years experience allowing them to gain a deep understanding for early maths and a passion for exploration.