English Reading

The start of a child's journey as a reader starts in Reception where they will learn to read using our chosen phonics scheme. Once a child has learnt to read, then they read to learn and will move on to our Reading Curriculum. The majority of our children in Reception and Year 1 will focus on phonics predominantly. Children in Year 2 will transition from phonics to the Reading curriculum. The aim is for children in Year 3 on wards to be fully immersed in our Reading Curriculum, engaging in and understanding the texts they read in order to become a lifelong reader in its truest sense.

The Trust's schools' English policy.
In this section you will find the Trust’s Reading Curriculum for Years 1 through to 6. It is separated in to 8 themes of learning that can be taught across all genres of text.

The themes are:

1. Developing positive attitudes to reading
2. Skills and strategies to read for understanding
3. Understanding vocabulary used in texts
4. Expressing, recording and presenting their understanding
5. Understanding the whole text
6. Retrieving information from texts
7. Inferential understanding
8. Reading to find out.
Our progression document outlines how our 8 themes start in EYFS and progress through to Year 6.
We try to use quality texts when teaching our reading curriculum. They cover fiction, non-fiction and poetry, including picture books and longer novels.

Our Year group Book Case books are longer reads that the children explore over a longer period of time.
The themed texts that we use form the basis of reading lessons where we look at related topics, e.g. books about inspiring and influential women, books about well-being.