Attendance & Absence

Attendance at Castle Wood Academy is vitally important for your child’s development.

We aim for a minimum of 96% attendance for each child and some even manage 100% over their time with us! However, we understand that it can be difficult at times to ensure your child is in school and on time every day.

We have a dedicated team who are always here to help. Don’t hesitate to contact us if we can support in any way.

Spring Term 2 

RLS: 98.4%

1BCH/RH: 98%

1EB: 94.8%

2LA: 96.8%

3CR: 98.2%

3HW: 96.9%

4BL - 96.08%

4JDC - 96.35%

5JH - 93.87%

5SW/SM - 95.87%

6LB - 94.68%

Reporting a Pupil Absent

If your child is absent from school, please inform the school office by either visiting in person, telephoning or by leaving a message via the school messaging service for reporting absences.

Contact: 01427 811516

Absences must be reported each day the child is absent from school, usually before 8.30 am.  If you state that your child is unwell as a reason for their absence, the school office may contact you for further information.
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Requests for Absence During Term Time

The Government Regulations changed in September 2013 which meant that educational establishments could no longer authorise absence for holidays. However, you can request an absence for exceptional circumstances.

If you do need to make a request to take your child out of school during term time for exceptional circumstances, please visit the school office and collect the relevant form.

Please note: Tall Oaks Academy Trust retains powers to fine parents who take their child out of school without permission in conjunction with the Local Authority. Annual family holidays are NOT considered exceptional circumstances.
Medical Appointments

If your child has a medical appointment, you will need to complete a Request for Absence due to Medical Appointment form prior to the appointment. Please also provide any supporting evidence such as an appointment letter, reminder text etc when returning the form to the office.
Early Collection

If you need to collect your child before the school day has ended - we require a Request for Early Collection form is completed prior to collecting your child.

You will also be asked to sign your child out of school for safety purposes.